This is where it all begins…

Decided to restart my photography by creating a fresh new blog. For the first post, I would like to look into how it all started for me to be into photography.


How do I get started in photography… looking back the old days, I’d never been through the SLR era, nor have I inherited cameras from my grandfather or father to spark my interest in photography.

Let’s put it this way. I like art. I used to paint a lot when I was young. I don’t get to learn or study further on art as I’m from a rather ordinary and not too rich kind of family. You need a lot of papers, crayons, water colours and etc to continue painting. In the end, I paint less as time goes by. When I was in the secondary school, I started picking up a Kodak film point and shoot camera from my home and start taking pictures of friends in school. There’s virtually zero control over any settings on the camera, but all in all it was a very nice experience that I cherish until today. This was perhaps the very first time I shoot a lot of pictures on film with a camera, though there’s nothing to scream about as there’s virtually zero technical or arty value in those pictures.

Moving into university, this is the era where mobile phone camera starts to bloom, and I used to own a few capable mobile phone camera (well, at least they are considered capable during that period) such as Sony Ericsson’s K770 and W610. I do occasionally shoot with my eldest sister’s Olympus compact camera, but they were just snapshots from trips and daily life. Then came along my elder sister who bought a Canon PowerShot G10 camera.

I can remember the first time I hold on that camera, the feeling is altogether different from holding my K770 or the Olympus compact camera. For the first time I see how things changed on the LCD as I fiddle around with the dials on the camera. It sort of like bringing back my memories on picture painting. I was speechless. How I wished to grab the camera out and start shooting all the way, but since my sister using it, I only get to take it for a quick spin once in awhile.

After I graduated from university and worked for about a year, I got myself the Canon PowerShot G12, which is an obvious choice for me as:

  1. I can’t afford DSLR
  2. This is basically a logical decision based on how much I’m attached to the G10 emotionally
  3. I don’t get a good feeling shooting with ordinary compact camera, so a semi-pro compact camera like this is just right for me

At this moment of time, I’m still consider “new” to photography as I virtually just alter the settings until I saw something I nice on the LCD and snap away. I have almost zero technical knowledge on how each and every setting works. With the arrival of my G12, I started to learn more and get more serious into the technical aspect, composition and etc. Not to mention drowning myself into the G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome) and so on. I’ll share more on how things came along in my next post. Till then.

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