And the Re:start

I mentioned in my previous post that after I plunged into Fujifilm’s ecosystem, I started to realize some of my short comings in photography. Maybe it’s because Fujifilm’s camera is so pure and close to traditional photography and less automated, it easily magnifies all your weak spot in terms of composition, camera settings selection and etc.

Besides that, I’m fortunate enough to be able to meet up and have a talk with a few well established photographers here, and they have really given me a lot of insight on what can be the problems, and how to overcome them. Generally my problems are: not having a strong foundation in photography basics, need to understand more about light, try not to be too “free style” and forgot the basic rules in photography in order to capture the attention of viewers and etc.

Other than these, some other known issues that I knew of such as I’m suck in post processing, tend to get carried away and didn’t dial the right settings before shoot, hesitates and end up losing shots a lot of time and so on.

A few things that I managed to pick up from those photographers includes:

1. “Shoot more and you will get better” is not totally correct. If you keep on shooting the wrong way and never realized it, shooting more will not improve your skill at all. Instead of just shooting blindly, spend some time to do some reading, attend some workshops, learn and then only go out and shoot more to practice and improve yourself.
2. One should spend time to study more on how lights and shadows are formed and react with each other under different conditions. Learn how to master your gear. Learn how to react fast and compose quickly to get the shot. Spend less time in looking for new gear to buy and sell.
3. You need to really understand and blend into what you are photographing to actually bring out the best of it. Try to think out of the box. Try to step out of your comfort zone once in awhile. Be creative. Try shooting the same subject over and over again until you really can’t come out with sonething better before you move on.

Well, everyone will have different opinions and ways to improve oneself. There’s no absolute right or wrong. Ultimately, it still boils down to what you are actually looking for in your photography journey. For me, it’s fairly simple. I love taking pictures, and as a perfectionist, I hope my pictures won’t sucks (at least, lol). I never planned to become a professional photographer, I still prefer to have photography as my hobby instead of occupation. I don’t mind shooting a few paid jobs or assignments if I’m capable, but at this point of my life, yes, I’m not planning to be at any level of professionalism.

I spent quite some time to think deep into this, relook on my past pictures, thinking back about my past, and deciding what I want moving forward. Not sure whether I have made the right choice or decision, I sold off my X100S thinking of stream lining my photography gear to focus only on one body. But later on, I was offered a deal and hence upgraded my X-E2 to a X-T1. And coincidentally, my girlfriend is looking for a camera, so I bought her the X30.

I will still focus in using the X-T1. The X30 will just be my casual fun shooter once in awhile when my girlfriend is not using it. I started to read more of photography books and watching some workshop videos when I’m not shooting in the weekend. I’m trying to treat shooting a digital camera like analogue film. It’s not about the quantity but quality.

Well, hopefully I’ll slowly improve my photography skills so that one day I can be proud to show off my works to others, and get them printed on a huge canvas to decorate my wall. One step at a time, let’s learn from each other and let’s get better together for the many days to come. I have created this webpage to signal the change into another phase in my photography life. Hopefully I can continue to shoot more and get more keepers to share with everyone else.

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