Print Your Pictures, Paint Your Stories

There’s a saying that “pictures look better in print than on screen”. Well, I am kind of agree with the statement. I think the feeling is similar to holding a real newspaper and reading it in hand as compared to reading it through your iPad. There’s a sense of engagement, perhaps achievement as well, when you are able to look at the pictures you have taken being printed out.

Having said that, I don’t do print often. I’ll probably print two to three photobooks max per year (well, maybe it’s considered often to you :P). As for individual picture print out in 3R, 4R, A4, canvas print and etc., I’m really not doing that often at all. It’s not really because I don’t do it, probably I’m yet to get “The Shot” worth to be printed out on a large canvas for display. I hope one day I will be able to do so, and hopefully that day won’t be too far away and too long to wait 🙂

During the old days when shooting on film, there’s no other way to see your final result other than printing out the pictures. Nowadays, even though one shooting on film, the film will get developed and scanned into digital copy instead. Come to think of it, it’s kind of sad. Especially when shooting during an event, once you finished you just upload them to Facebook, people will come and “like” it and give a few comments and that’s it. People has started to forget about the feeling of happiness at the moment of sharing their prints, and receiving a print from others.

Until today, I have printed quite a number of photobooks. There’s one for my pet rabbit, one for my rabbit soft toys collection, one for my Taiwan trip, one for my Canon G12 camera, one for my Canon G1X camera, one photo collections of all the pictures I have taken the old days, and recently added one for my Fujifilm X-E2 and X100S. There are some other print out that I did before this, and all of them are being kept well in their respective photo album. Once in awhile, I will pull out some of them and flip through. It brings back memories, and it really fills and warms your heart.

I’m heading to Hong Kong for a short vacation next month, so probably I’ll do another photobook by December. And with my Instax SP-1 Printer, I have been busy shooting and printing for my friends during parties, dinners and gatherings. I really enjoy looking at their smiling face when they receive the print from me. To them, it’s as if a “miracle”, I guess no one is expecting to receive a print nowadays. I’ll share more about the Instax printer next time. Till then, I hope you do print out your pictures to reward yourself from time to time, and spread to joy and happiness of photography by preserving them on a special print.

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