Heading out… backing up…

Since I’m planning my trip recently, I have looked into several options for backing up pictures on the go as well. There are a few possible options out there in the market, and I’ll dwell into some of them which I have researched about.


1. Back up on your computer
Well, as the title implies, this is the “easiest” option, all you need to do is just copy all your files into the computer and that’s it. But it also means that you need to bring your laptop together with you when you travel. With laptops like MacBook Air and Surface Pro around, traveling with laptop has never been so easy, but still whether you want to bring it along with tour trip is a question to be answered by only you.

2. External hard disk
If you use the conventional external hard disk, you will still need a computer (card reader, to be precise) to transfer the image from your camera to the external hard disk. If you know you can borrow a computer to use on your destination, this can be a good option to choose. Or if you have some extra bucks to spend, you can get something like the WD Passport Wireless which comes integrated with SD card reader for auto backup. You can access the pictures by connecting your computer/smart phone/tablet to the hard disk via wifi. The plus side is you can store some movies and song inside to enjoy them on the go too.

3. Tablet / smartphone
For Android user with devices that support micro SD card, you can virtually just copy all the image from your camera straight into your micro SD card to back them up. You can then view, edit and share on the go too. To transfer image, one can always utilize the ever so popular wifi function on your camera. For iPad user, there’s the “camera connection kit” that imports all JPEG file into your iPad, the limitation is of course it only handles JPEG and you can only copy as much as the capacity of your iPad as they don’t allow expandable storage option.

4. In the cloud
Nowadays everything goes into the cloud, so the same can be done to your backup as well. You can rely on available market options such as dropbox, google drive, iCloud drive and etc by simply transferring pictures from camera to your tablet or phone and then upload them to those cloud storage services. You can setup your own cloud drive as well by tapping a hard disk to your router, or just purchase off the shelves options like WD My Cloud Drive. The good thing is that you don’t need to carry along so many other stuff with you when you travel, the catch is of course you will need an internet connection to backup this way.

5. Every other way
There are some other options available, the more hardcore option is such as rooting your Android devices and get them connect to external thumb drive. The lazier option will be just… Shoot with a few cards and taking the risk to go on without backing up.

Ultimately it depends on how much you value your pictures, where you travel to and what you want to bring along with you while you are on the move. Hope you enjoy your next travel journey and have fun shooting and sharing pictures.

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