Some random rants

I’m back from my 9 days Hong Kong vacation. It’s not a photography trip, but rather a family trip. However, I still managed to squeeze some time out to take some photos along the way.

It’s the first time I’m traveling with a Fujifilm camera setup. Though I’m confident about its performance, but still it is going to be the very first time I’ll be shooting 9 days in a row with my X-T1. After 9 days of shooting “in the field”, I do have some comments about the camera and my setup in whole.

My setup: Fujifilm X-T1 with XF10-24mm, XF23mm and Carl Zeiss Touit 32mm, Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod and nothing else.

My rants:
The eye sensor for Fujifilm really needs to be improved. When shooting under sunlight using LCD or when I tilt the LCD screen up for low angle shots, most of the time the eye sensor will kicks in and activate the EVF instead of the LCD. This is extremely annoying. I will need to readjust the angle and position in order for the live view to kicks back in. Initially I thought it was my problem, but after browsing some sites, it seems like I’m not alone. I’m not sure how many other people experienced the same thing, but I do hope this can really be fixed by firmware update or something.

Next, the horizon level indicator is actually not that accurate as well. A few shots framed based on the built in level turned out to be slanted. I notice that the sensitivity is on the low side, you will need to tilt a lot before the indicator will change from “leveled” to “unleveled”, maybe I need to recalibrate my camera level sensor, but I don’t bother too much for now. I’ll use my eye and the framing line to judge instead.

I also find that the EVF is unusable under sunlight. Luckily the camera setup is small and light enough for me to shoot with the right hand while shading the EVF with my left hand. Well, this is probably due to I’m wearing spectacles and I’m using the original eye cup. I’m not too sure how well will the extended eye cup be able to improve on this, but I might give it a try to see if my problem is solved. Nevertheless, I do hope Fujifilm can improve in this aspect as well.

The AWB of Fujifilm camera is quite good, but still not to be considered great. I’m probably just being picky here, but hopefully Fujifilm will be able to improve further in this regards.

The four way buttons on the back of the camera are too flushed with the body, making it hard to locate them. The unit I have doesn’t exhibits the mushy button issue, but it just makes me wonder why they can make a button that raised a bit more from the body.

That’s pretty much about it. With new firmware coming in December, hopefully the new functionality will improve the camera performance further. Though I don’t expect all the quirks mentioned will be solved soon, hopefully I can find a way to work around it and get myself prepared for my next trip in Japan next year.

After the trip to Hong Kong, I find that I’m lacking on the mid telephoto range when I shoot. I got a XC50-230mm to cover the focal length, but I’m not too fond about zoom lens that doesn’t focus internally… So… Hmm, we’ll see. Might get myself the XF56mm or XF90mm if I have the budget. Otherwise I’ll probably need to start utilizing the XC50-230mm more. I’m also hoping to get a wide angle prime so I can use it when I want to travel light. The XF10-24mm is really a huge lens.

Though the Mini Tripod comes in handy, but still it would be better if full size tripod can be carried around. But I think I can live with it for now. And must make sure I bring along the shutter release next time. Can’t do bulb shots as I forgot to bring it along with me to Hong Kong. The next time I’m there I’ll probably bring a few filters along as well.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get some time to start looking into the photos taken in Hong Kong and starts sharing them here in my blog. Till then.

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