#Umbrella Movement

Was in Hong Kong for my last trip, and was able to get a glimpse of the Umbrella Movement, the protest that’s going on in Hong Kong not long ago. How it started, evolved and ended, well, you can always refer to the news for more reliable information. I’ll just share some opinion and feeling that I have after witnessing the protest site itself.
I’ve been to the Mongkok and Central area protest site to snap some pictures, and to sort of understanding the whole movement from a third party point of view. Mongkok is quite happening with a lot of actions and conflicts going on and off. I heard that Admiralty is the most active site, but I only managed to pass by without much involvement.
Throughout my stay in Hong Kong, this issue seems to be the topic that people talk about. And after chatting with some locals, I get to see some insight of the whole story. What you see from the newspaper is just the surface story, there are many issues brewing all along that contribute to this outbreak. And sadly, the similar problem will hit all the developing countries like Singapore and Malaysia sooner or later. In fact you can already see some sign of people protesting now and then in Singapore and Malaysia, which is kinda worrying.
So what went wrong? Many things… The price hike of property, increase of living expenses, inflation and etc., but at the same time, the younger generation has more demand, want to take more while give in less, expecting changes and improvements to happen overnight and so on. So who’s fault were to blame? I don’t really get an answer for this. If I’m to comment, everyone needs to take in part of the responsibility for things to turn out this way.
Throughout the few days that I’m shooting on scene, I’m glad that nothing much had happened to me, other than there’s a quarrel going on for a moment when those who are photographing at the scene were asked to back off a little. The protestor ask for equality, claimed that they have the right to camp on the street, a public area, but yet seems to me that they are not treating others equally as well. Sad and ironic.
Should this movement really happened? Well, there are people who support it, and there are people who against it. There’s always pros and cons in everything. The next question is no longer whether this should have happened and who should take responsible, but rather, how to make things better so that in future things like this will not happened again. May peace be restored to Hong Kong, and hopefully the same thing will not happened to any other places as well.

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