Hong Kong & Macau – A journey of Modern & Heritage

Was in Hong Kong & Macau for 9 days in the month of November. The main purpose of the trip is partly holiday and partly to accompany my grandmother to visit my sister who’s working in Hong Kong. It’s nice to spend time with family, and it’s nice that I finally get to travel oversea after almost 2 years of work life.
We were greeted with nice and comfy weather during our stay. Rainy season was over and entering to the fall season. Perfect for walking around and exploring without getting tired of the heat and sweat. And we were blessed for able to stay in my sister’s cozy home for free. That’s why we can splurge a little more on the air ticket and travel with Cathay Pacific Airline instead of budget airline.
Hong Kong, although a small city, hosts a blend of modern cityscape and tradition heritage. You get to see a lot of high rise buildings, at the same time a lot of old buildings, temples, monuments and so on. Macau on the other hand has more heritage, modern architecture are mainly the hotels and casinos. I’m not a fan of casino anyway, so I spent a day in Macau venturing some of its heritage hot spots, while the remaining days in Hong Kong experiencing the blend of past and future.
There’re a lot of historical and cultural spots waiting for you to explore. Basically I spent my days in places like Lantau, Tai O, Central, Mongkok and etc. while heading to Macau for a day trip. Other than the usual tourist attractions, I have walked through some old villages, streets and the cities. For some, Hong Kong is just another city. But if you are willing to take your tome to dive into it, you will be able to explore the beauty of the hidden gems within.
Will I be heading back to Hong Kong again? Most likely. I would like to uncover more hidden gems that I have missed or yet to venture in this trip. Hopefully I’ll be able to head back to this city soon and to continue my exploration journey.

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