Hong Kong & Macau – Through my iPhone 6 Plus

There are just those occasions when you just feeling lazy to pull out your camera and dial in the settings, or just want a quick snap of the moment for quick sharing via Instagram and Facebook. This is where your phone’s camera will come in handy. Nowadays, phone cameras are so advance until a level where it can rival conventional camera in terms of image quality. Yes, it may not be sufficient for large print, but for sharing through social media and capturing the moments and memory as it happens, it’s an ideal device that gets the job done.
There’s another advantage of using phone camera for photography, which is for streets shooting. People will feel less offended by you when you point your phone towards them as oppose to pointing a camera instead. I’m not saying conventional cameras are not good for street photography. There are brilliant compact cameras nowadays such as Fujifilm X100 series, Ricoh GR series and etc. which is less “stand out and scream for attention”, and can get the job done without sacrificing in terms of image quality.
The smaller sensor on the phone camera also means that you can take super close macro shots without the need of switching into macro mode or a dedicated macro lens. Not forgetting the video functions on your phone is just as easy as 1 2 3 to get it working. Sounds good so far? Well, the draw back for phone is normally the poor zoom in capability (though some phones with high megapixel offer lossless zoom albeit sacrificing in terms of reduced megapixel) and of course you don’t get too much of depth of field control with it.
So which is better? Phone camera or conventional camera? Well, the answer is actually depend on you, the one who fire the shots. For me, I’m not confident enough to point my camera into someone’s face, I feel more at ease with a phone in this situation. That’s why for people shots on the street, I’ll still stick to my iPhone most. And when camera is not in my hand, digging my phone out of my pocket is much faster than digging my camera from my bag. There are photographers who work wonders with phone cameras for both photo and video. So what really matters at the end of the day? Yes, it’s you!
Conventional cameras are trying to close the gap by introducing features such as remote wifi shooting and electronic shutter (without the mechanical shutter noise so you won’t get noticed). The implementation varies for different camera manufacturer, but the ultimate goal is to introduce a type of “un-offensive” shooting. I have been enjoying that on my Fujifilm X-T1 and we’ll see if it can really replace my iPhone for street shooting in the future. Till then, I’ll continue to snap my way with my iPhone.

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