Goodbye 2014 and Welcome 2015

I first took the plunge into the world of Fujifilm at the end of 2013, so the year of 2014 is basically my very first year to shoot with their cameras and getting myself comfortable with Fuji’s ecosystem. As with any other systems, when you first start off, it’s going to be a “buy, buy and buy” situation as one would like to rebuild his gears line up with the new system. As mentioned in earlier post, I started off with X-E2, followed by addition of X100s, and then I sold off both and got myself the X-T1, and later on a X30 (a present to my girlfriend). I’ll share a bit more about these buy and sell thingy in other posts.

And the year of 2014 has finally come to an end. Reviewing back on what I’ve been through with Fujifilm, with my photography journey, with my gears and gadgets, it has been a year of roller coaster ride. Things got kickoff pretty well, then I bumped into something and catch a fall, and slowly I’m picking up my pace again nearing to the end of 2014. I’ll try to share a bit more in detail some other day.

As for the year of 2015, what am I expecting and what I’m planning to achieve? Well, for gear wise, I’ll probably start off by getting myself a new camera bag as my daily bag in order to replace my current Fossil messenger bag. With that, hopefully I’ll get to carry along a camera with me more often and get to shoot a little more. Next, I’ll probably just have another one or two addition to my lens line up. I’m currently eyeing on the XF56mm, and maybe the yet to announced XF16mm or the rumoured XF35mm Mk II WR. And I would also want to add a flash to my line up (the Nissin i40 should be my choice for now). That’s probably all I want at the moment. If there’s a X200 coming up I’ll probably look into it 🙂

Gears aside, I want to improve on my skills of using Lightroom this year. I’ve been to a few talks about editing with Lightroom, and hopefully I can try to put them into good use this year. And I’m planning some personal projects as well, will probably try to utilise my Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm f/2 ZM and the XC50-230mm more for my initial projects. Probably will try to create some videos as well (either with my Fuji or iPhone). Not to forget my coming trip to Japan in April, hopefully I can get some nice shots back.

All in all, I hope I can start to gain back the traction that’s gone missing in me in year 2014. And hopefully I can uncover the spark of inspiration to keep me going for the next 12 months. Till then, Happy New Year everyone and wishing you all the best for the year ahead.

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