Why I sold my X100S and why I might get it back again

After using my Fujifilm X-E2 for awhile, I find that I’m actually wanting something a little more compact with same image quality for those occasions when I just want to travel light and focus more on shooting. Naturally, I got myself the X100S (this happened in early 2014) as it fits every single requirement that I need.
For some, they choose to have X100 series camera as their only camera. For me, I can’t live with it and only it just yet, as I still shoot a lot of landscapes and I really need to go wide. So I’ve chosen it to become something like my second camera or second body, complimenting my X-E2 and lenses.
Initially I shoot a lot with the X100S the moment I bought it. So much until I almost left out my X-E2. Yes, the X100 series camera is a joy to shoot with, really. It still has it’s own shortcomings though. The OVF, though it is good to have, but it’s barely usable. You can’t know for sure how your frame will turn out to be, and you got no idea what is the camera focusing on either. Most of the time, I ended up using the EVF more as it is more accurate and easier to manage.
Another issue arises when I decided to swap between the X100S and my X-E2 during my shooting. The button layout is different. Yes, and it annoys me when pressing the “down” button on one camera allow AF area adjustment, while I have to press the “up” button on the other to do the same. Really? It seems like the R&D engineer for the two products did not communicate to each other, or they are just testing different layout and see which works. To some, they can live with it, but for me, I get annoyed and once I’m annoyed I can’t love it that much anymore. Yup, I’m just those kind of emotional person.
After some times, and due to some other reasons that made me decided to streamline my photography gears, I sold off the X100S, and later on my X-E2 and got myself the X-T1 instead. So, does this means goodbye forever to X100 series camera? Well, not really. There’s still that urge deep in my heart to own it back, simply because it is really a great camera for everyday use, street shooting, travel light and the list goes on and on.
Seriously, what is it not to like about the X100 series camera? Silent leaf shutter, high speed sync flash, rather compact, cool retro look, hybrid OVF/EVF… It’s a very capable camera in a small package. Given that the newly released X100T has very much addressed all the quirks I complained about, even myself was tempted to get one. Anyway, it’s not a “must have” for me at the moment. I’ll stick to my one body setup for now and try to harvest as much as possible from it. Perhaps when the rumored X200 come out I’ll pull the trigger to get one 🙂

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