Why I sold my X-E2 and get myself a X-T1

A simple answer to this will be “an upgrade”. But to be honest, it’s not that big of a difference between them as both share the same sensor. And it is hard to compare them as one is rangefinder style while the other is SLR style. So what prompt me to switch after owning the X-E2 for less than a year?
First, the tilt screen. This is something that I use a lot when I shoot with my Canon PowerShot G series. It’s very nifty and useful. Though the tilt screen on the X-T1 is not fully articulated like the one on Canon G12 or G1X, it’s better than nothing. It’s very good for low angle and overhead shots. Well, this can simply be overcome if X-E2 allow wifi remote shooting, but sadly, it doesn’t at that point of time (this feature is now available on X-E2 via firmware update).
Next, wifi. Both camera has wifi, but X-T1 has a more comprehensive features package in terms of wifi capability. Though Fujifilm promised improvement will come to X-E2 via firmware update (which they did recently), however I can foresee the feature will still lack behind the X-T1 for sure. And I’m right in this regard, as X-T1 is currently supporting instax printer SP-1 direct print while X-E2 doesn’t.
Another reason is probably X-T1 being a flagship camera, will certainly receive better support and firmware update in future, at least for 1 or 2 years down the road. For X-E2, the current Ver. 3 firmware seems to be the last major update that it will receive. Due to hardware constrain, I doubt there will be any other magic tricks that Fujifilm can pull out for it.
Other things such as the large viewfinder, weather sealing, manual dials and etc. are just icing on the cake for me. So is X-E2 really not good enough? Don’t get me wrong, it is a great camera, in fact after the Ver. 3 upgrade, the camera is as if breathing new life again. The reason I decided to switch is simply personal preference. I still like the rangefinder style over the SLR style. But for now I’m happy with my X-T1 and I’ll be shooting with it for the time being, and hopefully it will last me as long as I wanted to 🙂

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