World Press Photo Exhibition: Aftermath


Visited the World Press Photo Exhibition which was held at Raffles Hotel. Wow. Other than being amazed, there are still a whole lot of emotion going through within me while looking at those pictures.

Press photo are normally accompanied by news, be it addressing latest news and happenings around the world, contemporary issue that we may not even aware of, and some other uncovered truth and stories that may never get to us if a press photographer or journalist doesn’t risk their life to uncover them.

To them, it’s not about using the latest and best gear. It’s not about megapixel count and high ISO sensitivity. It’s not about sharpness and noise free image. In fact some of those award winning shots are not even close to the “conventional” standard of “technically correct” picture. But they all share a common similarities: the picture alone paints and tells a whole lot of stories. If you are to understand the issue further, you will get to appreciate the pictures even further.

The exhibition has certainly left some impact on me. To create a picture with story to tell is not at all easy. Sometimes we are just too obsessed looking at the technicalities of a picture and end up everyone of us are taking picture of similar subject, similar composition, similar post processing and ended up with boring and similar pictures.

Looking back my pictures, it’s been awhile since the last time i took a picture that doesn’t follow the rules, composed freely without bothering too much on normality, stand out and be a little different, and most of all… tells a story. Out of the various types of photography genre, the one I would like pursue the most is probably documentary kind of shots, which is very close to journalism. Maybe this is the reason why this exhibition gave me such a huge impact.

Hopefully I can plan a documentary project for myself, and try to test my limits and see how far I can go with it. We’ll see. Those who have yet to view the exhibition, I highly encourage you to go and take a look. Otherwise, feel free to follow their website for more details and information.

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