Revisiting The Past – Fujifilm X-Pro1

With camera technology advances so fast on daily basis, cameras are just getting faster, better, more mega pixels, higher ISO more accurate and so on. It’s easy to see cameras that debut few months ago got phased out by the newer model, this is how fierce and how rapid it is for competing against one another in the camera manufacturing industry. It’s easy for one to go out there and buy the latest model of camera and getting the best technology packed in. How about buying a camera that was debuted on 2012? It may sounds crazy to buy a camera that’s 3 years old today, but that’s what happened to me. Yes, I grabbed myself the Fujifilm X-Pro1 recently, a camera that was launched way back 3 years ago.

I started off my venture into Fujifilm X series with X-E2, a rangefinder style camera with EVF instead of OVF. I’ve considered whether or not to buy the X-Pro1 during that time, but the price of the camera has put me off. I really like the rangefinder style on the X-E2, until I sold it off and upgraded to X-T1. The X-T1 is a great camera. Until recently, I have decided to add a second body to my gear line up. The decision is mostly due to the growth of my lens collection and the laziness in me to swap lenses on the go. I’m toying with the idea of having one body mounted with wide angle lens and another body with mid telephoto lens, so I can shoot landscape or streets on one, portraits or isolated shot on the other, this will be handy when traveling.

Initially I’m planning to get back the X-E2 since it’s a camera which I’m familiar with, and with the latest firmware update, the camera has become very close in terms of general features to the X-T1. However, it just happened that at the same time, a friend of mine has got himself an X-Pro1 at discounted price. So the idea strikes my mind: Yeah, why not getting an X-Pro1 instead? After searching around I managed to grab a new X-Pro1 body at discounted price too, and I have been using it for awhile now.

I will share some experience in using the X-Pro1 in coming posts. It’s not going to be a review of this 3 years old camera, buy rather a look into this camera to see why is it so special, earning a place in my photographers’ bag even though it is practically a camera with little features straight out of the box. Till then.

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