Black Sheep or Dark Horse – Fujifilm X-Pro1

As mentioned in previous post, I bought myself a brand new second camera body, which is a 3 years old X-Pro1. Why not another X-T1? Why not another X-E2? Well, perhaps it’s the sentimental feelings with the first generation of X cameras.
This camera uses X-Trans I sensor, which doesn’t come with phase detection sensor built in. That’s the reason why a lot of people complained about the slow focusing on this camera, and probably one of the main reason why people abandoned this camera. For me this is not a major issue. I don’t shoot fast moving subject, and one can always get away by manual focusing or zone focusing like a rangefinder. Try to understand how the focusing works and knows it’s limitation and you are good to go.
There are people who swear by this sensor, saying the output is “magical” on this sensor as compared to the X-Trans II. Personally, I found the output of X-Pro1 does have a subtle difference compared to those from my X-T1. Is it as magical as what others claimed? Well, I don’t know. But the difference does sometime make the image to have a different feeling to it.
The inclusion of OVF may not be everybody’s cup of tea. I do feel that the existing OVF on the X-Pro1 is a little hard to work with, but I’ll try to learn and overcome it, hopefully. Using EVF all the time would have been a waste on this beautiful OVF. Fujifilm probably will be upgrading the OVF on X-Pro2 to make it more “user-friendly” than the current generation, and I’m looking forward to it.
Besides some minor software difference such as the lack of Classic Chrome simulation, rather basic video features, no built in flash, no wifi, no tilt screen and so on (yes, the list is going to be pretty long…), it does what it does best… Taking pictures. Of course whether or not a picture ends up being great or ordinary is very much depends on the one who is using it.
So is the X-Pro1 still makes sense in 2015? For now, my answer is yes. A camera with great build and handling, plus I’m getting it at half the price of current high end offering, it does make sense for me to own one over other camera bodies. I know I’ll not be satisfied by Fujifilm ‘s entry level camera anyway, and I’m not going to get another X-T1 as a second body as it’s not really economical for me to do so. I’ll share more on my experience or complaints once I put the camera through paces for my upcoming trip in Japan.

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