Back to the Film

When I was young, I did a few rolls of film on a candid point and shoot camera. They are just daily shots of my high school life. Nothing serious about photography and nothing technical at all. I know a lot of people of my generation or older started their photography journey on film. For me, I don’t have such privilege. I first started on digital and until today I’m still on digital.
In this modern era, one may ask why there are still people who shoot on film. Hmm, I wonder why too. Perhaps the nostalgic feeling they have by getting back to their roots, getting back to where it all started. Come to think about it, perhaps my love for photography was really started from the days when I loaded the film into the point and shoot camera, started snapping away, sent the film to shop to develop, patiently waiting for it and finally holding the prints in my hand when it’s done.
And so, I got myself a film camera – the Nikon FM3A with Nikkor 50mm F1.8 AIS lens. For me, it’s not too much on “getting back to where it all started”, it’s not “just another time passing toy” either. With this new acquisition, I do hope I can learn a bit more about shooting on film, which is something absent from my photography journey, and something I would like to experience more. And I’m virtually upgrading myself to a “full frame” camera!
Well, there must be something about shooting on film that keeps film camera and all sorts of film still alive in this digital era. Yes, I tend to agree that there’s something special about it. I shot a few rolls of film on a toy camera prior to my decision to get myself a better film camera body, and I have done a few rolls with my FM3A. I’m still trying to figure out some of the limitation of the equipment, but so far everything seems pretty positive.
I’ll share more about my film shooting experience in future post. Till then.

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