A Beginner’s Guide to Fujifilm X Series Camera – RAW or JPEG


A lot of times, beginner will shoot mainly on jpeg because they are not very good in post processing. Believe it or not, there are even professionals who shoot in jpeg. Again, it’s all about making the choice, and you must know why you decided to shoot either in RAW or JPEG.

My take on this? For those who just started with photography, feel free to shoot only in jpeg, especially when you are using a Fujifilm X series camera. Their jpeg files are great, if not the best in the industry in terms of colour output and in-camera adjustment. My personal opinion is, for beginners, focus on shooting, learning, framing and master both your camera and the basic skill first, then only you worry about editing your image in RAW.

I know editing is part of the mix in photography, so ultimately it depends on the individual, whether how much he or she can coupe in learning. Just don’t feel shy to shoot in jpeg. It doesn’t imply that you are noob, not at all. My personal preference is shooting in RAW + JPEG. Whenever I find that the Jpeg files are good enough (and a lot of times they did), I’ll just use the Jpeg file straight away.

I’ll talk about in-camera Jpeg adjustment in future post. Till then.

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