Technician or Artisan?

A friend of mine shared a post recently with regards to whether one is a “technician” or “artisan” when comes to photography. The link to the story is as follow:
Often we will encounter people who can talk a lot about gears and technicalities of photography, but at the end of the day they are not delivering any results (some may even not shooting at all!). This article does spark my thoughts about it. So… Am I a technician or artisan?
Come to think of it, it’s not that I know a lot of technicalities about photography. Well, I do know the basics, I read a lot and try to understand and explore different kind of way to shoot. Though I won’t say that I’m delivering great results, but on and off there are some pictures which I really like (though it may not be your cup of tea). So at the end of the day… I’m probably still closer as a technician than an artisan… 😦 but I do hope that I can start to get better, discover my own style and start to get consistency in delivering good picture… And hopefully become an artisan soon 🙂

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