In Search For My True Love…

Yes, I’m searching for my true love… But in the context of photography. Often we heard people says that “it’s not about the camera, it’s about the person behind who clicks the shutter”. I echo this statement to a certain extend. From the “Pro Photog Cheap Camera Challenge” series done by DigitaRev, it’s easy to see that Pro Photographer always begins by understanding the camera in their hand, get used to it, learn about the ups and downs of it, and then work within the means of limitation of the camera to create great results.

However, I do feel that if one is not comfortable with the camera he or she is using, it’s hard to deliver great result too. For me, I strongly believe that there will be one of this camera that really triggers you to go out and shoot more. Once you find your “true love”, understand it, go out and “dating” with it, learn about its ups and downs, and finally develop a way to work with it to achieve the results you wanted. And that’s probably why we often heard that some pros they use “one camera and one lens” setup, as that’s their true love that they can use to deliver under any conditions.

For me, I’m still searching for my true love. At this moment, Fujifilm’s X-T1 is the closest to be. I really like the camera because the weight is just nice, handling of camera is superb with all the dials and buttons falling into the right place for me, the EVF is amazing, Fujinon lenses are pretty good, film simulation is great and the ability to have wifi control and transfer just make the whole camera sweeter.

So what I don’t like about this camera? Hmm… As much as I like using it, it’s still isn’t the go to camera for me. I still don’t have the urge to bring it out everyday for shooting. My friends often say this camera is “lack of soul”, perhaps this is what they meant? The tendency for me to bring out the X-Pro1 or even my Nikon FM3A for daily use is much higher. It’s weird, I know. Perhaps it is more of a refined gadget than a refined camera? I don’t know.

When I go out and do landscape shots and etc. I will still go to my X-T1 without much hesitation. It’s more like a workhorse for me rather than a “life companion” I guess. So what my true love will be? I wonder… Hopefully I can find it soon enough 🙂

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