My Photography : 2015

Photography is my hobby. I have never thought of making it a profession. Well, it’s not like I’m capable to do so at the moment anyway. For me, it’s more like a way for me to express my creativity, artistic side of me, and of course to capture some memorable moments and memories in my life. Having said that, I’m not taking it as just something to pass on my free time. I do want to improve my skills and my visions as time goes by. Well, who doesn’t want to do better on things that they like to do? For now, I’m trying to shoot more as a way of practicing. I also try to read photography related books and watch some tutorial videos.
There are many things that are still new to me, for instance shooting with flash, portraiture and astrophotography are something that I’m not familiar with and would like to try on. Perhaps once I get a taste of everything (or maybe most of the genre), it’s good for me to start narrow down and focus on something that I like and improve on it. I always have an open mind to receive comments and critics. Though I do admit that sometimes I will react in a little defensive way initially, but deep down I will still think through what others said and reevaluating myself on what can possibly be improved or changed to avoid similar error to happen again.

I know I have set a few targets beginning of this year in regards to my photography. Hopefully I am still on track to fulfill them. The videography portion I’ll most likely need to skip for now as I would like to put in more effort in photography at the moment. My plan to buy less and shoot more seems to be going the other way round… lol… Sometimes there are just accidents happening here and there that can’t be helped. Anyway, hopefully I can really follow my heart and my words to shoot more for the remaining days of 2015.

P/S: I’m in the progress of “renovating” my website, so you may find something odd at times, do bear with me for the moment.

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