A journey to the forgotten land at Haw Par Villa

I can still recall from my memory that I have visited this place when I was young. Back then, the theme park is packed with tourist and locals, and there were so much to see and discover. Today, Haw Par Villa has become a quiet and lonely place, as if an old man lying on his sick bed while waiting for his last breath to come. It’s sad to see this as there was sentimental and emotional attachment between me and this place.
Back then, all the statues and decorations looked huge and gigantic. Now, they seems rather average in size. This is the time when I realized time goes by and I have grown up so much. Ironically, the huge theme park back then has shrunk in both size and scale. Gone are some of the decorations, attractions and the boat ride through the Dragon Tunnel. What left behind are just poorly maintained and well beaten.

Journey Through the Ten Courts of Hell from Funny Bunny on Vimeo.

All pictures were shot with Leica M9-P and edited in iMovie

Haw Par Villa, as a oriental theme park based upon Confucianism and Chinese myth, was once a place for parents to instill good value and morale to their children. The main attraction, “Ten Courts of Hell”, is one of the most graphical representation of after life in chinese mythology. It sets to create a reminder to people to be a good person, as whatever sins you have done in your current life, you will need to pay them back after life.
Today, Haw Par Villa is a free entry theme park and it’s easily accessible via the new MRT station located near to it’s entrance. When I embark on this personal photography project, I came here for a few times and only seen a handful of people who drop by to pay a visit. Let’s hope that new life will be restored to this place in the years to come.

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