Slowing Down on Your Photography

A lot of time you will get comment such as: “the camera will slow you down to shoot a better picture”. How true is this statement? I have always wondered. After shooting with the Nikon FM3A, followed by the M9-P, I must say I have experienced the “slowness” of both film and digital world, and here’s my thought about it.
To make it simple, the statement is somewhat true. A lot of time when I saw something interesting, I brought the camera to my eye, trying to frame it, focus it… And in the end I decided not to shoot it. It’s not because I was too slow and missed the moment (although sometime it is, lol). But rather, due to more time spent from lifting the camera to my eye, followed by focusing and composing, I have figured that the picture is not really worth the click after all.
If I were to use an auto focus camera, I would probably have clicked the shutter and move on, only until when I get home and load the pictures into my computer then I will realize that the picture is not interesting and delete it. I’m not saying using an auto focus camera is bad, but what I wish to highlight instead, is no matter what camera you use, slow down a little to look through and think through your picture before clicking the shutter. With this, I believe you will have more keepers, reduce your post processing workload, and also to train your eye to “see” better. This is just my opinion. Till then.

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