By Right or By Left


I used to be a left eye shooter in my DSLR days. When I switched to Fujifilm X-E2, which is a rangefinder styled camera, I got a little hard time using the camera. For DSLR, since the viewfinder is in the middle, it doesn’t matter that much on which eye you use. But on rangefinder style camera it is slightly different. The camera body itself is slightly smaller and more compact. When I use my left eye, I found that my face will be too close to my right hand grip, and at times it blocks access to certain buttons. Therefore, I started to train myself to use my right eye instead.

It was never easy to make a switch. But after a long period of time, I got used to it and now it’s just natural to do so. While shooting with my right eye, I can leave my left eye open as well at times when I need to see what’s going on outside of my frame. I understand that the technique of shooting with both eyes are rather common for rangefinder shooter and bird photographer. Shooting with both eye again is something that you need to practice and get used to. But once you get a grasp of it, it’s rather easy and helpful to help you in framing your shot.

Now I can shoot with either my right of left eye while keeping another eye busy observing around. However, these techniques doesn’t restrict to rangefinder only though. For me, I wouldn’t have acquire this skill if I have not switch to my mirrorless setup. But the same skill is still helpful to me even if I pick up a DSLR today and start shooting. Till then, keep shooting, keep experimenting and keep learning 🙂

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