Funny Bunny Photography

I have been blogging for many years. From personal blog to photography blog, from self html coding with yahoo blog to blogger to tumblr to wordpress. Often people will ask me why am I blogging, what keeps me motivated to continue writing and sharing, what’s the main reason or purpose behind my blog and so on.

I am not someone who is good with words, especially when talking. I’m more comfortable in writing, hence I started to share via blog. My blog is not about sharing information or such, but it is all about me. My feelings, my thoughts, my emotions that I don’t share publicly or at that instance, my point of view or opinion towards something, my story or journey about my life and so on.

For my photography blog, it’s never meant to be a photography gear review site like most websites do. I’m trying to document my thoughts about photography, the changes within me, some projects that I did, and most importantly, it’s a documentary or journal of my photography journey. I may revisit the same topic again after sometimes, and my view may changed as I continue to grow. I will share about the gear I’m using, but it’s more like a user experience kind of sharing than plain gear talk.

I hope you can read my blog with an open mind, and any comments or discussions are always welcome. That’s how we grow together and become better. Last but not least, hope you enjoy your time reading through my blog and a big thank you for those who did. Till then, keep shooting 🙂

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