Photography Ethics

Recently a few of my friends bumped into an annoying incident. They went for sunrise shooting, setting up their gear and waiting for the moment to come. And there comes the so called “pro photographer” planting his tripod right in front of my friend’s camera. When my friend politely ask if he could move sideway a little, the answer given by that guy was “I’m a pro photographer, I shoot wherever I want. You the amateur just go elsewhere.”

My friend did what I probably will do as well, just walk away. There’s really no point when you want to argue with people who don’t even has any common sense, ethics, or perhaps civilization. Well, he may not be a “pro photographer” to begin with, and it doesn’t really matter whether you are a pro or not when your attitude sucks.

This brings me to recall similar situations like during performance or carnival, where people are advised to limit their photography to avoid disturbance to others, but yet people will just ignore the reminder and snaps away happily. Sometimes I do wonder, how many of them really look back the pictures they snapped during those event. If not, why are they snapping while annoying others at the same time?

The abundance of photography is really a double edge sword. It brings people closer in capturing memories, but with great power comes great responsibility, one really need to realize the real life that goes on around him while he is busy clicking his shutter. We have enough stories of people destroying the nature, annoying others, disturbing wildlife and so on just to get the shot. To me, I won’t die without taking that picture. At anytime I’m more than happy to move on without taking the shot. Perhaps it’s really the time for us to look into the ethical issue involving photography before it’s too late to turn back.

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