Mid Autumn Festival 2015


Mid Autumn Festival, a festival that has been slowly forgotten by people. As time goes by, the importance and the meaning of this festival has slowly been forgotten by many of us, especially the younger generation. How many of us are still remembering the tradition behind this festival? I wonder.

Other than the mythical story behind the festival, today is the day where Chinese believe the moon will be the roundest, and the round moon symbolize “reunion”. Hence, today is the day which reminds families to put down your anger, forget about any argument, get together and reunite as one.

During the old days, families will gather together to have a dinner, follow by eating mooncake, enjoying the moonlight, lighting up lanterns and playing with candles. It’s a good time to catch up with families and bonding with each other. Nowadays lanterns are modernized and light up by light bulb and battery, mooncake has modernized and taste has changed so much from the traditional flavour, kids no longer play with candles but iPhone and iPad games… Things has changed so much, which is inevitable. But what remains is the essence of the festival, and that should be cherish and pass down to the coming generations.

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