The Joy of Photography

I like photography, and there must be a reason why I choose to spend my time taking pictures instead of cycling, playing games or watching movies. To me photography is a hobby, and hence it must bring joy to me in order to balance up my life. And by indulging myself in photography, I can feel the kind of joy that I was hoping for. It’s something personal and intimate, really.

The fact that there are people who always comment towards others that “you are not delivering good photograph” buggers me. And sadly most of them who made such comment can’t even shoot properly. Maybe to some, the perception is if you spent so much on a camera, you must deliver the equivalent result. Well, that’s just plain bullshit to me, because you are indirectly implying that “all Ferrari owners in the world are world class race car driver”, which is obviously not the case at all.

For people who is taking photography as a hobby, do they really need to constantly delivering good photos? I wonder. If you are paid to shoot, yes you must deliver on every single occasion. But when it comes to hobby, what’s really important more? The process or the end product?

In my opinion, it’s a little of both. Why I continue to indulge myself in photography? I think it’s because I find joy in it. And what joy am I referring to? Well, from the moment I picked up a camera that I like shooting with, walking or traveling through places, observing the surroundings, looking for things that spark my interest or creativity, dialing in the settings, raising the camera to my eye, focus and composing, waiting for the right moment and hitting the shutter, and last but not least, editing and viewing the pictures to find out that I have captured what I wanted, get it printed, shared or published.

The end product may not be always satisfactory, and that’s totally fine. One just need to learn from the mistakes and do it better next time. A continuous and sustainable process is what keeps your interest and hobby alive. I believe I have shared a few times on my view towards “the joy of photography”, and I’ll continue to reiterate it whenever I feel that there’s a need to do so. It’s something I believe in, and hopefully it will bring me further in my photography journey.

So for those who always like to put up those negative comments without any constructive feedback, please think again before making the same remark. Let’s make photography an enjoyable hobby for all. Till then, happy shooting.

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