What are you capturing?

Once in awhile I will throw this question to myself when I’m running through the pictures in my archive or those that I have just taken from the morning photowalk.

“What am I trying to capture in this frame?”

Some may tried to capture the motion, some may tried to capture lights and shadow, some may tried to capture candid moments, some may tried to capture a scene as it is in the form of documenting and so on.

Come to think of it, sometimes I do wonder what triggers me to fire the shutter, wasted one shutter count only to end up deleting the picture that I took. I think nowadays people don’t really bother about this, they just spray away on their shutter and pray for one good shot will do. Personally, that’s not really what I want. I try not to leave it to luck for most of the time on what I’m shooting.

For my usual photowalk, usually is all about learning on the camera, the lens or focal length that I’m using, and to put into practice on stuffs I read from books or internet such as composition technique and so on. For more specifically themed walk, I will do a little more research before heading down. I’ll try to get an idea and concept that I want to shoot with and try to materialize them.

Well, as much as I’m against “spray and pray” method, I don’t really believe in “one shot one kill”. Of course there are times when I will wait for a frame to happen, and I will take a few shots of it and look for the best shot later. In fact if you browse through the Magnum Contact Sheet you will find that a lot of pros took thousands of shots of the same frame just to arrive at one picture that they want.

So I guess to me, what I’m capturing is probably:

  1. The emotion or feeling of the scene as I saw it, how I feel it, and how I wanted to present it.
  2. My perspective of looking into the subject. Everyone approach and view the same subject differently, so it’s always interesting to learn from each other.

Of course my photography is not perfect at the moment, and there are still occasions where I can’t tell why I hit the shutter. But as much as possible I would like to try to adhere to my belief and principal. Well, it may change to something else overtime, but I believe the desire to continuously improve will stay for sure. Till then. Happy shooting.

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