Cambodia Outreach 2015

Kids in Cambodia

I have volunteered myself to join a charity event recently. The purpose of the charity event is to help out the needed in Cambodia. Donations of food, clothes, toys and other necessity has been collected, and what we need to do next is basically transporting and distributing the donation items to the needy. All together there were around 30 volunteers who joined this event. We get the donations packed and there we go flying to Cambodia. Upon arrival at our guesthouse, we sorted out the goods into smaller packaging to ease the distribution process. For the next two days, we have visited a few locations such as slum village, schools and orphanage. We handed out rice, bread, clothes and toys to the needy, and also spent some time teaching and interacting with kids in the school and orphanage.

Kids in Cambodia

To most of us who have been living in a good and comfortable environment since the day we were born will never be able to imagine how our life can be if we were to be in their position. Houses were constructed beside the slum with muddy water and awful smell, and the houses were made of woods and zinc plates. There wasn’t any proper road to access to those villages, and one may wonder how they can live in such a condition. Those who are lucky enough will get a chance to study in school. Those who are less fortunate may ended up in the orphanage, as their parents simply can’t afford to raise them. It’s really sad, but this is reality. Similar things are happening all around the world, especially in developing countries.

Nevertheless, I managed to squeeze some time out to take some shots of the kids here in Cambodia. I was drawn by them. When you look into their eyes, it gives you a feeling of… pureness. When they smile, they are really smiling from their heart. A word of “Thank you” from them warms my heart. Although they are living in such a condition, I’m glad that the kids are still living their childhood happily. Perhaps that’s more important than anything else.

It’s really a great experience and eye opener to visit Cambodia. I’m glad that I have joined this voluntary work, and hopefully I’ll be able to join more of these events in the future. Till then.

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