It’s all about books


There are a few places where I like to go but I try not to visit often. The first being a bookstore. Every time I walked into a bookstore, there’s probably something for me to buy. Yes, I love reading, provided I have the time and energy to do so.

I love reading since I was young. Reading is fun and enjoyable. I’m not too much into fiction, though I did read a few in the past. I often read on “how to” books, then some hobby related one, biography of some well known person, travel book, photobook and so on.

I’m just a sucker to books and I’ll always get myself interested to some books or magazines. As my book collection grows, same goes to my bookshelf. Soon I was forced to buy ebook instead as I’m running out of space to keep them physically. Reading digital books, although convenient, it lacks a touch of… Reality… Or perhaps it doesn’t feel that close between you and the content you are reading.

Perhaps it’s the nostalgic feeling that we have grown up with flipping through pages and pages of books. The same goes to photography, if a photo was not printed out… Something seems incomplete about it. Aside from books, there are other things which I have virtually no immunity against. I’ll share more about it next time. Now I just hope that I can start and pick up the pace to read more.

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