So you are a Leica fanboy?

Fanboism has been pretty much a norm nowadays. People tend to be very “protective” against the decision they made, the things they bought or using and so on. A look in the mobile world can see the battle of Apple fanboys against Android fanboys, in the camera world it’s even worst. You have the forever long fight between Canon and Nikon crowd, Sony and non-Sony crowd, DSLR and mirrorless crowd and so on.

Sometimes I do wonder, why people just can’t look past the brand and purely into the substance. In terms of photography, is always the output that counts. Do note that I’m not saying that gear means nothing, gear plays an important role in delivering the output as one needs to be comfotable and understand the gear before being able to start and delivering results. Gear is a medium, output is the destination. There are thousands of people travelling to the same destination, but it doesn’t matter whether they traveled there by sea, by train, by car, by plane or by walking. The important thing is they reached the destination.

When I start using my Leica M and loving it, and ultimately selling off my Fujifilm system, people are throwing question and remark such as I’m turning from a Fuji fanboy to Leica fanboy, after owning Leica every other thing has become “second class” and so on. To be frank, I was once a Apple fanboy when I first plunged into their ecosystem. But slowly I realized this is not “healthy” and today you see me using an Android phone for a change just to see what are they offering and which ecosystem will suit me best.

I learnt it the hard way. Being a fanboy gives you nothing in return. It doesn’t makes you any better or more superior than the rest, instead it blinds you from seeing a clearer picture, it forced you to get stucked in your shell and dare not to come out from the “comfort zone” of yours, and in the end you are missing a whole lot of other options and choices out there.

So am I a Leica fanboy? Hell no. There are still a whole lot of room for Leica to improve in terms of camera features and after sales service. Their camera certainly not the best out there in the market in terms of specs. They are expensive. Leica is definitely not the best choice for most. The list goes on. So why am I using a camera that’s “overpriced and underspec”? Well, at this point of time, it offers me what I want to achieve in my next phase of photography, and I enjoy shooting with rangefinder for now.

So if you insist to call me a fanboy, do whatever you wished. I don’t bother. It’s me against the world after all when it comes to my photography. Till then.

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