Pure Photography

People always like to talk about this term: “Pure” photography, and I always wonder what they meant. If you recall, Nikon used the same tag line when they launch their Nikon Df as well. So… what is pure photography?

Pure Photography is shooting on Film?
Pure Photography is no post processing?
Pure Photography is black & white?

Let’s take a step back and understand what “pure” means in our life. It’s not hard to noticed that we tend to associate “pure” with many other aspects and elements in our life such as love, emotion and so on. To me, what essence of “pure” for all these aspects and elements are the same: something that came deep down from your heart and thoughts. Pure love, pure emotion, pure mind, pure anger and so on. It’s the truest feeling from you which you convey to others, deep from your heart and thoughts.

So when we talk about “pure” photography, to me the medium doesn’t matter, be it Film or digital. Whether there’s any post processing or not, it doesn’t matter. Whether the picture is in monochrome or colour, it doesn’t matter. I believe people tend to link up “pure” with things that made them feel nostalgic, hence they tend to say things like Film is pure but digital is not. As long as someone took a shot with his heart and soul to create an image or to capture a moment… That, to me is pure photography.

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