Photography Competition

I have never bothered about entering photography competition before this, but somehow… perhaps out of curiosity, last year I have submitted this picture for three photography competitions, they are HIPA 2015-2016, Sony World Photography Award 2016 and ASEF. I can’t really recall the intention I have at that moment for clicking sending in the picture, perhaps I just wanted to pitch myself against others and see how far can I go.

Anyway, all three competitions have shortlisted the pictures and some have already awarded the winner. I did not win any of them, which is rather expected, but to my surprised my picture was actually shortlisted by the jury for HIPA and ASEF for consideration, but in the end did not make it to the finalist. After browsing through the pictures of the finalist, I must say they are really good. It seems like there’s still a long way for me to go in terms of improving my photography skills. But nevertheless, this is rather motivating to me, perhaps I have done something right somewhere, and perhaps I’m heading on the right direction and should continue to push on.

Last but not least, thank you for those who have gave me guidance and support throughout my photography journey. As always, I would love to hear constructive comment from anyone who is willing to share. Hopefully, someday, I can really create great pictures that I can feel proud about. Till then.

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