My Review on Peak Design The Everyday Messenger


I am currently having a Billingham Hadley Pro shoulder bag, ThinkTank Perception 15 backpack and a Crumpler Messenger bag to carry my camera with me for different occasions. I really don’t know why, but I had clicked the button to back the Peak Design’s kickstarter project for their Everyday Messenger Bag. Perhaps when it comes to camera bags, we are just as spoilt as ladies with their handbags… Or even worst.

Anyway, the bag was delivered to me in December and I have been using it often for office work and photography outings. I decided to use it a little longer before I give my verdict and review to the bag. After about 3 months with it, I think I am ready to share with you what I feel about using this bag in real life.

The good:

  1. Material used feels comfortable to touch, and it seems like going to last well.
  2. The “Maglatch” closure system is brilliantly designed to close the bag with ease, and to avoid gears from dropping out then the bag topples.
  3. Holds a hell lot of gears and stuff inside.
  4. Holds up to 15″ laptop and tablet, but do note that the laptop compartment is pretty slim, so bulky laptop may not fit well.
  5. Holds a tripod! I do feedbacked to the team on this request when they first started the campaign, and I’m glad that they included this features to the bag.
  6. The “Flex-fold” dividers are nice for stacking gears in the bag.
  7. Attachment for Peak Design’s Capture on the side is a nice feature, though I don’t use it often at the moment.
  8. Quick access top zippers is good for… quick access!
  9. Seems to hold up pretty well when used under drizzles.

The bad:

  1. The design is a little “futuristic” and may not be your cup of tea.
  2. The magnetic metal clip scratches badly after a few use, not a big issue for me, but some might get bothered by it.
  3. The shape of the bag looks odd to me when it is fully loaded with gears.
  4. I’m not a body builder and I’m pretty slim, the bag seems a little… oversized on me when it is fully loaded with gears. I would prefer the bag to be less wide in size (probably 13″ laptop size?) for more mobility, but this also means it will not hold a 15″ laptop.
  5. Somehow the bag feels a bit heavy to me even when it is empty, perhaps it is because the bag itself is pretty solid, or maybe the shoulder pad is not doing it’s job well enough.
  6. The shoulder pad is not the most comfortable one out there and certainly can be improved.
  7. The easy slider mechanism will slide off from the set position over time, which is annoying. I will need to readjust the slider from time to time.
  8. Front pocket is a little small, but it’s more than enough to hold filters, batteries and some smaller things like lenspen and charger.

I guess that pretty much summed up what I feel about the bag. This bag is not cheap, but I can certainly find values in it to justify for the price tag. Head to Peak Design‘s website to find out more. Till then.

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