Photowalk and Outings are Lovely

I always like to have some casual photowalk or outings with like minded photography friends. It’s always good to meet up with friends with same interest that we can talk about it all day long.

The fascinating part is, everyone walked the same path, shoot almost the same subject, and yet the end result can be so vastly different. This really opens up the mind and eyes especially something that seems boring in my eyes can turned out to be a great shot by others. And from there, I get to learn a new way to “see” things.

Some other friends of mine asked: “Aren’t you getting bored for walking around without any theme or purpose?” Or they will reply me in ways like “Going to the same place again?”, “It’s too early to wake up for a walk” and so on.

Well, it really depends on how you want to look at it. For me, even a walk around the neighbourhood can be fruitful at times. You might discover some places where you have never been, you might get to know new friends along the way, you get to practice more on seeing with your eyes, you get to practice and polish your photography skills more… The list goes on.

If you think these “purposes” are not enough for you, perhaps you are just not motivated enough to go out and shoot. The uncertainty and possibility alone is tempting enough for me to carry my camera and head out. Visiting the same place again? Then try shoot it differently than what you have shot before. No theme? Then plan some personal project for yourself to work on.

So, I hope you will get motivated and start heading out and shoot more often. Till then 🙂

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