What is art?

I have walked through an exhibition of Picasso in Japan. Yes, the famous artist that everyone knows. Well, I can’t deny some of his art works are indeed very nice, but at the same time there are quite a lot of other works from him that I feel were simply not up to standard, to some extent it’s something that can be created by anyone, even young kids.

It sparked me to think about this: is it because he is famous, hence whatever he created are highly regarded as art piece? Or they are really up to the artistic standard hence being displayed in the exhibition?

The same goes to the photography world. Sometimes you get to see some pictures being exhibited, but to be honest they are just ordinary. So it makes me wonder, is it my problem for not being able to appreciate it, or is it even ordinary pictures are regarded as “art” simply because the person who took it is famous enough.

So what is art? What is good? What is bad? And what is ordinary? Well, some may say who am I to judge. Perhaps for me is simple, if I like it, then I’ll like it, I don’t really bother whether the one who created the picture is famous or not. This is probably the reason why I don’t really have a particular photographer that I like the most or inspired me the most. I just look at good pictures and learn from them.

It doesn’t mean things that I don’t like will be crap. I probably don’t understand it, or perhaps I’m not the target audience to get attracted. Art is subjective anyway. The same goes to pictures I created. It may not suits everyone’s taste for sure, but as long as it means something to me, I’ll keep on going and firing the shutter. This is my art, this is my expression, this is me. Perhaps the same goes to Picasso, that is just a part of his art that doesn’t touched my heart, but perhaps it brings a whole lot of meaning to others.

Maybe at the end of the day, one should just stay focus and listen to your inner voice, and stay true to yourself, and stay true to your heart to create your own art that really belongs to you. Till then.

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