A Self Critique

Recently I have read some articles and books about critique of pictures, particularly on how to critique your own pictures and curate your photography work. Honestly, I have not put in so much thoughts into this until I read about it. They discussed about how to select a single picture and how to select a series of pictures (yes, they are different). They discussed about what is considered a good picture, and what is considered a good series of pictures and so on. There are still a lot going through my mind at the moment as I try to digest on them.

So what is shared? Well, perhaps I’m not the best person to advise this at the moment. But after reading through, I had become even more stringent in critiquing my own pictures. A lot of those pictures which were “pretty good” had been flushed down the drain by me after reevaluating them. But that really depends on whether you are evaluating them as a single picture or a series.

A single picture needs to be strong, or perhaps interesting. It can be an interesting story, composition or visual stimulation. It needs to be able to attract people to look into the picture and look further or deeper. Of course this is just a general guideline, it doesn’t mean this is the only way to get a good picture (argh, that’s why I said I’m not the best person to explain this). Anyway, my view has broaden a little. The way I perceive a picture has changed, hopefully it all changed for better. At least now I have set the bar higher for myself, and hopefully I really can learn, develop and improve further to reach that mark.

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