The Never Ending Fanboism

Sometimes i wonder why is it so hard for people to stop being a fanboy. It’s okay for you to love a brand, but what you love is what “you” love, why is there a need to bash other brands and make your preferred brand more superior than others?

Perhaps is the insecurity they feel and hence they are in need to justify their purchase or choice of camera/brand.

Perhaps they feel lonely seeing others using other cameras.

Perhaps they feel sour when seeing other cameras have more features than theirs.

Perhaps they care more about the gear than photography skill.

Perhaps they can only talk or type their way to “superiority” while others are showing real quality pictures with “less superior” gear.

Perhaps they feel that they have attained certain status by owning certain type of gear, they are different, they are the best of the rest.

There’re a lot of perhaps, because I’m just guessing what’s on their mind. I can hardly understand them. Perhaps they can hardly understand people who are neutral too. Anyway, enough ranting, keep shooting folks and please don’t become a fanboy. Till then.

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