Photography and its boringness

Since when photography has become so… boring… I wonder. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that cameras are getting cheaper and cheaper, and everyone starts taking picture on daily basis, perhaps it’s due to the mass of mobile phone camera that makes snapping picture much easier than ever. When we are living in a world that’s abundant with pictures, soon similar pictures will be taken over hundreds or thousands of times and we start to get sick of seeing them.

The most common “boring” genre will be landscape pictures that were all taken with wide angle lenses and during blue or golden hours. Yes the light is nice, but it’s easy to get carried away by nice lighting and forget about a good composition of your picture. Ends up, all shots look so similar like copy and paste of the same formula. Try to explore something different, perhaps shoot in different time of the day or when the weather turns bad. Try different perspective, go low, shoot a tighter crop, look for something else other than just the nice lighting to complement your pictures.

Another culprit of “boringness” in photography will be the discovery of new shooting location / subject. Recently in Singapore everyone seems to go crazy about shooting Marina Bay Sands over the temporary structure created for an exhibition. Yes, the framing is nice, but when someone took a shot, why must you go and replicate the same shot with same composition? Why don’t you try something different instead? Different angle, different perspective and etc., it makes me feel that as if there’s no longer creativity in photography when everyone just replicate the same shot.

These are just some of the boringness in photography. There are many more and it does made me hesitate awhile before releasing my shutter. Am I just replicating another shot by others? Or am I really creating a picture with the vision of my own? Perhaps that’s the reason why I’m shooting lesser recently as I have become more careful and selective, especially for shots like landscapes.

Somehow, it makes me feel that people are no longer inspired to go and create pictures. Some find no reason to go out and shoot. Some can’t find a theme. Some too obsessed with test chart and reviews. Some were too busy staying in front of computer surfing photography forums all day. Sounds boring indeed. One may ask why wasting my time to go out and take the same picture which was already taken by others?

I believed that photography is not boring. It’s the one who hold the camera that’s boring. That’s how I feel about it. I must admit that I am pretty “boring” too, and now I would like to try to make some changes to it. I’m trying to learn to be creative, trying to work on some personal project that’s meaningful to myself, and hopefully my shots will no longer be boring to me, and to those who look at it.

Let us work together and make the photography world a less boring place to hang around. Till then.

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