Your Photography, That’s All Matters

I have been following a Youtube channel called “The Art of Photography” for quite some times, and about a month ago a topic titled “Nobody cares about your photography” has been shared and discussed on the channel. In the video, Ted Forbes shared his view that the current world is saturated with images, and with social media advancing in incredible speed, the pictures you have taken probably doesn’t matter to anyone out there and perhaps nobody even cares about what you have shot.

This, perhaps, is the brutal truth that most of us need to understand. There are people who use social media and other online platform as a place for them to gain attention and popularity. But the facts is, as much “likes” or “share” you gained, at the end of the day, your existence and your work probably doesn’t matter to them at all. They just ride on the trend and “consume” whatever content that you shared without even “digesting” them.

Sounds terribly sad. So why one still continue to create and share his work and passion when probably no one even cares about it?

Ted shared his view that what it really matters is not to create work to please others, as he pointed out that “this is not a popularity contest”, but rather one should strives to create something that’s meaningful and important to you and your time. What you have done may not be appreciated now, but perhaps it will in the future. We still need “work that matters”. I got to say I do echoed his opinion. This is perhaps the reason why I can continue to shoot and keep updating my blogs for so many years.

I am not a great photographer, not even to the extent of good. There had always been so much negativities, obstacles and challenges that triggered me to think about giving up on everything I do. However, at the end of the day, I had overcome them and moved on, and I’m glad that I did. That’s the reason why I’m still shooting and sharing until today.

Work that matters, sounds simple, yet it’s hard to imagine what it is. For my level of “greatness”, I’ll begin my journey of creating work that matters to me. Hence, I have been spending more times in thinking than shooting lately. Thinking about what matters to me, what are the things that I wish to capture and preserve, and try to work harder and producing less “easy shots”.

For those who read this, I hope it gives you a gentle push on your back, keep your passion up and get you to continue to create works that matters to you, and perhaps someone else in the years to come. Till then, keep shooting.

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