So you think you are good?

There will always be this someone who thinks he knows the best, he understands more than others. Well, it’s okay for someone to have self confidence, but if one feels that he is good but in actual fact it isn’t, that’s worrying.

It’s hard for me to understand why people kept ego so high. For me, I don’t mind keep on trying and making mistakes along the way. Yes, I have a set of values that I hold on to, and that’s probably something I will not tolerate with when challenged. But when it comes to other things like skills, mindset, ways of approaching and solving a problem, I am more than happy to get feedback and comment from others.

If one choose not to accept comments or feedbacks from others, one will not be able to diversify his view and knowledge. I’m not saying one will not continue to improve this way, but I believe there will be limits on how far one can go if one choose to live in his own shell. There’s no harm to listen to second opinion, you can then evaluate from there on whether the comment is relevant.

Sorry for the ranting post. Just that I’ve been bumping into this kind of people lately. This is applicable to every aspect of our life, not just about photography. Feel free to comment and share your view, I’m more than willing to listen and digest them, as they might end up being useful to me in my life. Till then.

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