Some thoughts about shooting film


Photography on film… It gives me a nostalgic feeling. Almost all of my childhood photos were taken with film camera, although they were just shots from simple point and shoot film camera. Perhaps it’s the feeling of connection to the past, to the memories and to the good old time that made me indulged in shooting film, today.

Film is just one of the medium that is available out there for you to choose from in order to take a photograph. Some argued that shooting film is superior than digital, some commented that why torture yourself with film when you can get all the flexibility on digital. Some reasoned that shooting digital is virtually “free” as storage has become so cheap and abundant, while some countered that film will last longer than digital if preserved properly.

To me, it doesn’t really matter. Both mediums have their pros and cons, at the end of the day, one should just choose a medium that you are comfortable to work with and start creating photographs. Respect others’ choice of medium, as I believe you too deserved the same level of respect from others too. It doesn’t mean you are a better photographer simply because you are shooting film, and it doesn’t mean you can shoot better picture than those who use film simply because you are shooting on digital.

Personally, I would encourage people to at least try to pick up a film camera and spin a few rolls out of it. It’s a good platform to learn and pick up some knowledge on the basic of photography. It’s also a good way to crunch out some creativities when you are shooting under limitations. I feel “refreshing” at times when shooting with film, and its a good platform for me to think carefully before each shot and learn from all the mistakes I did through the rolls of film.

Well, it’s not that all these are not possible to be done using digital. But with digital you still have the options and temptation to go the easy way, however you are pretty much stuck when shooting on film. End of the day, it’s all about discipline when it comes to practice and training. As of now, I’m still shooting on both film and digital, and I’m enjoying both mediums very much. Film is not dead, that’s what I believed in. Till then, happy shooting.

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