A chat with an old photog

I had a short chat the other day with an old photog. The start of conversation is about the rangefinder camera that I’m using. He is curious and asked me why am I still shooting with manual focusing camera and film, while most of the “younger generation” he knew probably haven’t even touched one before. To him, most of them got no idea how to use a manual focusing camera, not to mentioned a rangefinder or film camera.

I told him why I like to use a manual focus camera and why I still shoot film now. He gave me a warming smile and started sharing his experience and his “good old days” using his film rangefinder. He showed me some of the pictures he took, and I have to say they are pretty good. As his eyesight is getting poorer, he had now switched to mirrorless camera for the electronic viewfinder while keeping his arsenals of manual lenses.

“It’s not that hard to focus manually once you know your lens well and when you know what you are looking to achieve. This is something perhaps the younger generation should learn to master and appreciate while don’t rely heavily on auto focus. I’m not saying don’t use auto focus, but you need to at least learn about manual focusing so that when your auto focus fails, you still have another trick up your sleeve to get the shot you want.”

It feels encouraging whenever I get to meet up with someone with so much passion and experience in photography. Sometimes I wonder will I be able to continue shooting until I’m old. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the short chat very much, and hopefully we’ll meet again somedays to share about our passion and love for photography in the future.

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