Shoot with Intent

I’m shooting lesser lately. It’s not that my interest in photography has died down, but rather I’m trying to make some changes to the way I shoot. Most of the time, I’ll just get out and shoot without any particular purpose. I’ll just walk around and shoot whatever I found interesting and called it a day.

I would like to change this slightly by spending more time to “shoot with intent”. It’s pretty similar to those personal projects that I got myself to do all this while, they are all projects that I do with an intent to create a picture or series. The only difference now is I want to cultivate this behaviour into my mind and routine.

The first thing I did was getting myself a notebook and carry it with me on daily basis. Whenever I saw some interesting location, or when I get inspired with some shooting ideas, I’ll get them noted down in my notebook. Sometimes I even sketch out the framing that I had visualized in order to ensure I can recreate them in the future.

I had also planned some possible ideas for future personal projects and get them organized properly in my notebook. Next is to get myself prepared and materlialize what was envisioned in my notebook. This will probably be the hardest part. For some, I have the subject but I need to search for the appropriate environment to set up the shot. For some, I got the stage but lacks of a strong subject. While others I’ll probably need to improve my skills further before I can create what I have visualized.

The first series that I managed to produce under this “shoot with intent” concept was the series of pictures of my mom which I took during my short visit back home. I have been planning about it for days and once I was backed home, I tried to create all the pictures I had planned. Well, not all of them get to materialize as I bumped into limitation here and there, but nevertheless, I was quite happy with the process and outcome.

As of now I’m still trying to keep up the momentum and note down whatever things that crossed my mind. I’m not sure how long this will last, and I’m not sure whether this is the best way for me to continue to pursue my photography journey, but we’ll see how everything unfold in the future. Till then.

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