28 or 35

I observed that there are these two distinctive groups of prime lens users in the photography community, those who swear by 28mm lens and those who loyal to 35mm. Often those who enjoy using 28mm dislike working with 35mm, and vice versa.

Personally, I’m more comfortable to frame with 35mm, and 28mm is just a little “too wide” for most cases. When I ask my friends who use 28mm for most of the time, they commented that 35mm feels like “not here nor there” for them, as in it’s not wide enough to capture what they want and not long enough to isolate the subject.

I think it boils down to one’s shooting style, if you are those who will move in close to your subject, probably the 28mm will give more impact than a 35mm. If you prefer to have a little working distance and include less in your frame, 35mm is a better choice. Both lenses are good for hyper focusing, but with the wider field of view, 28mm will include more environment in the shots, which could be ideal for story telling.

If you have a reason on why you shoot 28mm or 35mm, do feel free to share. Till then, happy shooting.

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