Why am I torturing myself?

Disclaimer: this is a non-photography related post.

Although I have been constantly updating my blog, I have actually been hiatus for quite awhile in the real world… missing out in gatherings, photography outings and etc. Well, the reason was because I was busy preparing for GMAT exam, and it’s really one hell of an exam that’s so tuff and demanding.

I decided to take the exam because I’m actually planning to pursue an MBA next year. Most of my friends asked why, why I study now, why MBA, why, why and why. Well, I can breakdown some of the reasons that had been running through my thoughts for the past 1 year:

  • I want to further my study from Engineering Degree.
  • I want to learn skills and knowledge different from Engineering.
  • My Degree was obtained from a local university in Malaysia which is not well known.
  • I would like to complete my Master program under a reputable institution, this will at least give me a better starting ground for my future career.
  • There’s scholarship offer from my current company with no bond for part time study.
  • I am still energetic to do so now.
  • I do not have any financial commitment at the moment.
  • I am not young anymore, is now or never.
  • After evaluating a few other options, I decided I will just go for MBA instead of other master program.

I had completed the exam and submitted my application, and I was informed last week that I was given a slot for next year’s intake. I’m completed the necessary registration, and now is just to prepare myself and wait for that day to come. It’s going to be a 1.5 years program, so a little sacrifices are expected. Probably I will have less time for other activities and even my photography in the future, but we’ll see how everything unfolds. Till then.

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