Some updates on what’s coming

Been pretty busy with work lately as year end approaching. The weather has not been favourable either as the rainy season strikes. I’ve been slacking a little on the blog post and content creation, will try to pick up the momentum again soon.

A couple of things that’s going to happen in near future. First, I will be heading to Hong Kong for 1 week break on early December… again. The main purpose is to visit my sister who lives there, but at the same time it’s just about right time to give myself a break from the heavy workload and get myself recharged. This time around I will focus on exploring more of the Hong Kong island itself. Not sure what’s coming as I really didn’t plan on the detail much. We’ll see.

Next, I’m planning to make some changes on a couple of social media sites that I’m currently running, and I’m planning to tidy things up a little. Probably will start off by “renovating” this website, follow by tidying up my Flickr account and probably integrating some of the things here and close some of the accounts I have elsewhere. I’ll get things streamlined to make my life easier moving forward.

Lastly, I’m tidying up my gear collection as well. Will talk a little more about it in future post. Also, I’m trying to see if I can complete any other personal project or work before year ends. Hopefully I can crunch out something. And I’m planning for one last trip next year before my school starts. That’s all for this week. Till then.

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