Welcome to My New Home



I have revamped the theme and layout of my blog! Surprisingly, the whole process was smoother than I imagined. I had been thinking about updating the theme of my blog for awhile, but I can’t seems to find the right solution to suit my needs. Recently I stumble upon this theme from WordPress and after fiddling with it for awhile, I feel that this might actually work for me. So I spent my weekend sitting in front of my computer playing around with the settings, adjustment and some codings. And now I present to you the all new “Funny Bunny Photography” website 🙂

The home page (or landing page) of my website has been updated to display my portfolio. Although it was titled as portfolio, it’s more like a compilation of some of my best works and projects. At the moment I have posted whatever I got, but I will slowly update this section from time to time. Major navigation of my blog has been shifted to the left panel. Here you will find the links to my profile, websites that I followed, my blog post (this is where you can access and read all my blog post in the future) and categories of my blog posts. There are a few buttons at the bottom which link to my other social media platform such as Flickr and Vimeo.

I really love this new layout as it is extremely clean and minimalist. It emphasizes on pictures first without being cluttered by my blog posts. I have also created a new avatar for my website, though I may refine this in the future. This will be my starting point heading into 2017, my third year in WordPress hosting this blog. A big thank you to those who dropped by and visited my blog. I’ll try my best to keep things going here. Till then.

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