Even though news can be read easily from smartphone, tablet or computer, I still enjoy the feeling of flipping through a newspaper. The same goes to watches, writing, drawing, photography and etc. It just feels… natural, or perhaps “organic” to write and to draw using a pen and paper. I simply prefer watches with hands and dials as opposed to digital one. And I still enjoy shooting with manual cameras and film.

Perhaps it makes me feel “at home”. Perhaps it’s the “minimalist” feeling that everything is back to the basic, back to its root and core that made me continue to enjoy the old fashioned way of getting things done. It’s hard to quantify or qualify it. Perhaps I am just abnormal, or perhaps… different. I’m not opposing technology advancement, but I do feel that once awhile it’s good to fall back to the stone age and slow yourself down. You may ended up seeing something which you could have normally missed, or perhaps the nostalgic feeling will get you recharged and prepared for the challenges ahead.

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