Hello 2017

Time flies, there goes 2016 and here comes 2017. Perhaps when we get older we felt that time goes by much faster. Not sure about you, but that’s pretty much how I felt. And perhaps is this “time goes by too soon” kind of feeling that triggers people to really think deep on what they are doing now, and whether are they living their life the way they want and to their fullest.

It does made me think through about my life on what I want, where will it be heading to and so on. Of course I won’t have all the answers readily available for most of my doubts, but I will try my best to search for them and to continue doing so persistently. One really needs to keep going, keep moving and keep growing in order to continue to stay relevant.

For a start, I will restart my study life again in 2017 (from July onwards to be exact), though it’s on a part time basis, but that’s a big decision and a big change in my life, and hopefully it will direct me to a better future. I’m not sure whether I will be able to coupe with all the school assignments, work and personal life, but I see it as an opportunity for me to learn on how to keep things balanced while juggling them. Hopefully everything will turn out fine.

As for my photography, I’ll try to continue my personal project of photographing things that matter to me. Of course on and off I will still be doing something random and etc., but probably I will shoot lesser and focus more in creating better picture. That is provided if I still have the time to do so after my school starts. Anyway, let’s hope for the best and we’ll see how things will unfold.

As for my life, I’ll continue to live my very best out of it. I only live once, so let’s make it a memorable one with no regrets. Not sure whether I will be able to get my wedding arranged and done by this year, but I’ll try my best and see if that is possible. Probably nothing much will change for my working life, so just hope it will be another smooth going year for me. And as always, good health is more important in order for me to be able to keep going and pushing myself further (been sick since boxing day until now >.<).

Looking forward to 2017, and all the best to everyone else. Let’s look forward for a better year ahead of us. Till then.

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