Obsession and Belief

There are those people who are very religious, who attend to all the prayers, who always speak about God every now and then, but yet their behaviour, what they do in real life, what they showed in their action just doesn’t tally with the “religious person” image that they are trying to put out to others.

There are those people who are very into some beliefs (e.g. feng shui or some old traditions), who will do everything based on that beliefs in their life, doesn’t matter what it is, they will just follow blindly on that “beliefs” and ignoring everything else.

Beliefs and obsessions, these are the two things that we commonly encounter in our daily life when dealing with people. Everyone has their own set of beliefs, and that’s totally okay. But when one tries to force others to believe in their beliefs, it’s like forcing everyone in the world to love you and worship you. To a certain extent, you have become obsessed over what you believed in. Overly obsess perhaps.

Come to think of it, perhaps it’s the obsession over your belief that are driving your passion to keep moving forward. Perhaps it’s this belief and obsession thingy that brings inspiration to others on the things you do. However, when things get over the top, it just turns ugly.

Whatever goes up will come down eventually.

In the context of photography, it’s easy to see this phenomena happening frequently. For example, there are those who swear by shooting wide open, and there are those who swear by stopping down your aperture to achieve maximum sharpness. There are those who swear by shooting film, and there are those who swear by digital, or both.

At the end of the day, it’s good that you have something that you believe in and hold true of. But when others are not believing in what you believe in, don’t discriminate, don’t force others to accept your belief. I certainly wouldn’t want to live in a world where everyone is living the same life, believing in the same thing and chasing after the same dream. It will be so utterly boring and uninspiring.

Obsess in what you believe in, but give room for others to do the same.

Till then, happy shooting.

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